Sugar CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Sistema de Administración de Relación con el Cliente

Transparent and Customizable

Sugar offers point-and-click capabilities for user interface customization, but for companies who want more detailed customizations, we offer something more: access to the underlying source code.


This approach differs greatly from closed vendors whose business model is driven on locking-in customers and taxing them over the long-term.


Sugar is written in a simple, popular programming language (PHP) that can be customized in an instant.

Stop paying extra to customize your own information in closed environments that are difficult, if not impossible, to understand. With Sugar, it is much easier to get to your destination because you can actually see where you are going.




Employees Love It

CRM success begins with the user.


SugarCRM has designed a CRM application that is fast, friendly, and even fun to use.

Accessing Sugar through a web browser, users can choose their own themes to suit their individual tastes, manage multiple information sources through Microsoft Outlook integration and content syndication, and access the information they need as fast as they can click.


The joy of using Sugar translates into a more organized and efficient sales force, which drives greater productivity and more visibility for managers.




A Better Way to Build Software

SugarCRM is changing the game by finding a better way to develop software.


We author and release Sugar Open Source to a community of 2,400 CRM experts and developers who use the software, provide feedback and develop extensions to the Sugar.


We then use revenues from our corporate customers to fund the development and release of new functionality for our development community. That is why Sugar was translated into 24 languages in the last 18 months.


This distributed development cycle produces a product that is more innovative and of better quality than closed vendors could ever produce. Put another way, who understands the CRM market better: 8 engineers or 2,400 CRM experts?




Make Your CFO Smile

SugarCRM’s grass roots approach means that we do not spend $.70 of every dollar on sales and marketing.


Important operations that do not, however, make the product of better quality or more innovative.

The Sugar product speaks for itself and we pass the savings on to you. A novel concept that will make your CFO smile.







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